Welcome to the Cooking School Sorrento

Overlooking the Gulf of Naples, with its stunning terrace suspended between sky and sea, Cooking School Sorrento offers an authentic experience in a beautiful setting in the heart of Sorrento.

A Unique Way to Cook

All the secrets of the most renowned recipes, prepared together, step by step, through immersive lessons in traditional Sorrentine cuisine. Everything comes to life in the enchanting setting provided by Villa Silvana with its panorama and the surrounding gardens, which house the precious wood-fired oven where the art of pizza takes shape.

A Unique Way to Cook

Time to relax

Last but not least, after a morning spent with 'hands-on' experiences, your taste buds will delight in the flavors and aromas of our region, and your eyes will feast on the stunning panorama that Villa Silvana offers from its terrace, where you will savor what you have learned to prepare with true artistry! 

Time to relax
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